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May 2016


Happy graduation season! If not an immediate family member, many of us have a friend, relative or colleague who is graduating from college, law school or an advanced degree program.

Congratulations, graduates! It's the time of year for looking ahead to new goals and pursuits, both professional and personal.

Those of us who have been out of the formal education setting for awhile still relish opportunities to learn new technologies and skills. In the spirit of continued learning, this month we take a closer look at Twitter - how to set strategy, manage your social media presence, and build a following. Enjoy this edition of News with Edge!


Amy L. Juers, MBA
Founder and CEO
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Is your firm or company on Twitter? Can you explain your Twitter strategy and the metrics you use to measure success in two sentences?

If your history with Twitter is short, or if you are taxed for resources, you may simply have a public face on Twitter, without the longer-term vision required to be successful.

Once per quarter – or at a minimum, once per year – take a couple of days to revisit your Twitter strategy, activity and results. You may learn some important facts that will help you hone your message, build your following, and increase engagement. This nine-point checklist can serve as an audit tool.
1. Have you developed a strategy?
Many companies jump on Twitter to build a social media presence, but fail to first define the goals and strategy for being there. When it’s realized that social media requires dedicated time and energy, they split the effort among several employees who are free to post whatever they like. In this situation, you’ll see an overuse of direct sales pitches, photos of Dan’s dog and party shots from the latest trade show.
2. Do your profile and bio introduce you effectively?
The 160-character bio description should convey your identity quickly to Twitter users who view your profile.

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About the Author
Megan Miller is a senior consultant with Edge Marketing, assisting clients in development and execution of strategic marketing plans, and implementation of marketing technologies. A global technology hound, Megan Miller has built brands, trained teams and introduced successful products for global companies and startups in Seattle, Munich and Shanghai. A certified eDiscovery expert, Megan has written on trends and topics in electronic discovery, consumer electronics and the Internet of Things – before it was even called the Internet of Things. Her work has appeared in Attorney at Law, US Tech, TechnoLawyer, ACEDS and other industry publications.


Number of Twitter users (2015): est. 1.3 billion
Unique monthly visitors to (desktop + mobile) 120 million
Average number of Twitter followers per user: 208
Percentage of Twitter users who sign on at least daily: 46%
Fastest Twitter account to reach 1 million followers: @Caitlin_Jenner

*Source: 170 Amazing Twitter Statistics and Facts, April 2016

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