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March 2016


This month our feature looks at the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of business meetings, and the importance of having a clear purpose, agenda, and planned outcomes for each meeting. Like most endeavors in life, a well-constructed plan is fundamental to success.

As spring approaches, Edge Marketing consultants have already created and documented marketing plans with our clients, and we are busy now with execution - creating content in the form of articles, blogs, e-books, webinars and speaking engagements - that keep their products and services top of mind in the buying decision.

If you're spending too much time in meetings and not getting the results you hope for, the underlying marketing plan and programs may need some finessing. I encourage you to call on Edge. We'll help you get your plan off the ground, so you can enjoy less time in unproductive meetings and more time producing results.

Enjoy this edition of News with Edge!


Amy L. Juers, MBA
Founder and CEO
Edge Marketing, Inc.


Meetings are called for the best of intentions: Let’s get together. We’ll hash out situations face to face and come to a consensus. But many meetings morph into calendar hogs with unclear purposes or unmeasurable results. They increase stress, strain deadlines and cut into productivity.

Think on this.

I have an extremely smart friend in the legal field who has a mandatory standing meeting each week. It runs about three hours each time. When I ask him what they cover in the meeting, he shrugs and says, “Mainly the department head likes to hear himself speak.”

Based on a 40-hour week, my friend is spending 7.5 percent of his workweek held hostage in an... Read More

Melanie Brenneman

About the Author
Melanie Brenneman joined Edge Marketing in 2010 after an in-house career focused on public relations, marketing and communications for private and publicly traded technology companies. As senior account manager, she helps organizations successfully market their solutions to law firms, corporate law departments and accounting firms. A typical day for her can include everything from strategic planning to analyzing email or social media performance to drafting that urgent press release you just told her about five minutes ago. It is all about results.


Busy CEOs spend nearly one day each week managing communications, and two days in meetings.

Research conducted by Volometrix for Bain found that 15 percent of an organization's collective time is spent in meetings, a number that has increased steadily since 2008. One company's weekly senior leadership meeting directly consumed 7,000 hours per year for the attendees – but 300,000 hours companywide among subordinates in preparation and related meetings.

Senior executives on average devote more than two days each week to meetings with three or more coworkers. A meeting that starts just five minutes late costs a company eight percent of that meeting – a loss that would be untenable in any other resource category.

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