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June 2016


This month's feature looks at ways to make your voice heard in a cluttered news environment. The PR landscape has undergone significant change in the digital era, and gaining the attention of media today can be as difficult as finding Waldo in a sea of red-striped shirts.

Every organization in search of media coverage starts out as Waldo – everything looks the same to the reporter. It is your job to give them the tools to find you and to help them see your relevance, making them want to include your news in their pipeline. This month's feature gives you tips from an insider on how to do just that.

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Your company wants to announce a new product, talk about a new hire, gain attention for a speaking event or be featured for a recent acquisition. The news hits the wire, but the silence is deafening. What went wrong? The reality is that the PR landscape has changed and gaining the attention of media in a cluttered news landscape can be as difficult as finding Waldo in a sea of red-striped shirts.
Media outlets continue to evolve into a 24-hour/day news cycle. This development has increased the workload for staff reporters, it has increased the amount of articles written by “contributors” and it has made it even more important to understand the reporter’s area of coverage in order to gain media attention and cut through the competition. These three points should serve as a starting place to find your voice.


About the Author
With a decade of experience up her sleeve, from agency work to corporate efforts to her own client initiatives, Doreen Clark focuses her energy on the magic of PR. She creates strategic plans that increase client visibility and generate the “ah” factor. After all, Clark believes that clients should be given the tools to perform the illusion of walking on water too.


When cutting through the clutter, consider this:
Resources journalists want to see most:
1. Press releases & story leads (42.3%)
2. Expert interviews (19.6%)
3. Products to review (17.1%)

Journalists prefer this method of contact: Email (93%)
Journalists consider this method of contact off-limits: Phone (37%)
Social media pitches (30.2%)
Source: Cision State of the Media Report 2016

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