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July 2016


Welcome to News with Edge!


This month's feature article talks about the surge in subscription-based media outlets and how to determine where to invest your time and marketing spend.

While some people may find "gated" content a pain, we have found that with the right strategy in place, subscription-based article placements can be a gold mine.

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Amy L. Juers, MBA
Founder and CEO
Edge Marketing, Inc.


The Surge in Subscription-based Outlets


Trending now… How many times a day do you see those words pop up on your social media feeds? You click on the link, eager to read the latest news, only to find that you are locked out. How frustrating! It’s all the more so when you are the author of that article. You are unable to access your own content. What do you do?

As traditional print advertising goes away, digital media outlets have been challenged with creating and growing sustainable revenue streams. It’s becoming more common for content to be locked. Keep in mind that just because content is online only, does not mean that it is free to access. Because many publications are subscription based, content is kept behind a firewall with access restricted to users who have paid for it.

Your overall PR and marketing strategy should include selecting subscriptions to outlets that are most relevant to your company and the content you are generating. Here are four considerations to keep in mind when deciding on which subscriptions to spend your marketing dollars on.


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About the Author
Vicki LaBrosse has been with Edge Marketing since 2007 and currently serves as the senior director of media relations. Not that anyone is counting, but she has more than 20 years of marketing and communications experience in both the legal and accounting industries. LaBrosse loves nothing more than to work with clients to develop and execute comprehensive PR and marketing strategies that will help grow their business and pay her mortgage.


Did You Know...?

According to PewResearchCenter’s 2016 State of the News Media report, total digital ad spending grew another 20% in 2015 to about $60 billion, a higher growth rate than in 2013 and 2014.


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