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February 2016


“A brand isn’t what you say it is – it’s what they say it is.” Content in the digital universe – created by customers and social media users, not by the marketer of the product or service – forms impressions and informs buying decisions.

In order to build successful brands, traditional brand managers are finding they no longer have the level of control over brand messaging and awareness that they enjoyed prior to the social media age. Customers, bloggers, forum members and other social media users have the power to create a multi-dimensional conversation that can impact public perception of the brand. Author Jill Avery calls this “open source branding,” wherein consumers not only discuss and disseminate branded content, they also create it.

This month’s feature article looks at the dynamics of brand management in the digital age, and offers 4 tips for surviving – and thriving – in the social sphere.

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Today’s digital world offers opportunities for promoting your brand that we couldn’t have imagined a few decades ago. But those same opportunities can quickly turn to challenges and even risks. Effective branding is increasingly critical in the digital age. Now more than ever, exceptional discipline and keen attention to detail are required to ensure your brand delivers on its promise across an ever-expanding variety of touch points.

As society has moved from a traditional production economy to an information economy, our purchasing choices have multiplied. The flood of information available via social media on a 24/7 basis has resulted in information-rich and time-poor audiences. Our purchasing decisions are based on far more than the objective features/benefits comparison. As branding expert Marty Neumeier describes in his book The Brand Gap: How to Bridge the Distance between Business Strategy and Design, today we base our choices more on symbolic attributes. What does the product look like? Where is it being sold? What kind of people buy it? Which “tribe” will I be joining if I buy it? What are other people saying about it? Read More...


About the Author
Jennifer Marsnik is a senior account manager with Edge Marketing. She specializes in helping clients develop and implement strategic PR and marketing plans that support their overall business goals. Jennifer is a life-long Minnesotan who tolerates the long, brutal winters only so that she can readily feed her obsession with Minnesota Twins baseball.


Google established BrandLab, an innovative workshop-based program and collaborative center dedicated to helping brands get the most out of the web through education, inspiration, and hands-on practice. One of BrandLab’s first publications is The Dictionary of Brand.

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