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April 2016


Great News! Edge Legal Marketing was named the #1 provider of legal marketing and branding services by The National Law Journal reader community! Edge was also honored for excellence in Public Relations.

A complete list of results are available in the most recent issue of the National Law Journal in print and online.

The award is a reflection, I believe, of the many great client and partner relationships that we nurture every day, and the continuous efforts by everyone at Edge to stay on the cutting edge of emerging technologies and practices in PR and marketing.

As an example, this month's feature looks at emerging technologies that help marketers better understand clients, and better manage the sales funnel. Enjoy this edition of News with Edge!


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Marketing should never be a crapshoot. Blindly spending your marketing budget repeating an initiative that has not proven to result in deals closed is reckless.

The only way to know with certainty that an initiative is worth the investment is to identify where contacts in your sales funnel came from and how long they lingered in the funnel. Additionally, it is critical to define the issues and concerns a prospect has regarding your product or service and what provides the igniter – the event and/or questions addressed – with each one that moves them from a cold contact or tire-kicker to someone ready to close.

To attain rifle-like precision with marketing, there are three areas you must have a deep understanding of:
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About the Author
Leslie Garrett, PhD, joined Edge Marketing more than 10 years ago. While she would fancy attributing her success in her work to being an accomplished bow hunter and avid angler, it is her insatiable drive to achieve more that has won the favor of clients and industry leaders. Despite her PhD credentials, Leslie is approachable and has been labeled by some as being almost-human.

Leslie has more than 23 years of marketing, PR and senior account management experience. Although some may opt for death by fingernail clipper over conducting data analysis, Leslie relishes it and has honed her expertise as an industry researcher and analyst.


An early approach to segmenting and strategically marketing to accounts by category (e.g. size, location, areas of expertise), Account Based Management (ABM), is receiving renewed interest in B2B marketing. Technology advances – some are very affordable while others require a lot of dough - enable a marketing professional to target and tailor communications appropriately for leads and customers.
Technology and techniques being used to assist with an ABM approach may include anonymous website visitor traffic reporting services, a tightly-managed CRM tool kept current by the sales team, and select marketing automation tools managed by someone who understands how to analyze and leverage data.

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