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    The Edge Room

    Exhibitors: The Edge Room is a New Take on the Old Press Room

    Edge partners with industry events nationwide to provide The Edge Room - a new highly efficient take on the old press room. The Edge Room provides an easy way for editors and vendors to communicate before and during a legal or accounting industry event.

    The Edge Room enables event exhibitors to easily upload company information such as a company logo, brochures, white papers, press releases, and show announcements. In addition to this approach being a little more green, it allows a company to place key collateral into the hands of media preparing to cover the event. Edge Legal Marketing, when given permission by the exhibitor, Tweets and Blogs about the exhibitor's file uploads daily.

    Request a free account to upload your company's logo, press releases, and brochures to The Edge Room.

    Download a copy of EXHIBITORS - How to Use The Edge Room, a step-by-step guide.

    Media: The Edge Room is Your Exclusive Pre-Event Screening Room

    Members of the media including editors, writers, and bloggers are given secure and easy access to view the information uploaded by event exhibitors. With this information, members of the media are able to more strategically plan booth visits to engage with exhibitors on the show floor.

    Request a free account to start accessing event exhibitors information on The Edge Room.

    Download a copy of MEDIA - How to Use The Edge Room, a step-by-step guide.