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    SEO Website Analysis

    SEO of websites refers to the task of working towards increasing the number of clicks to a website by target visitors by means of search engines. The technique of optimizing is the process of managing initiatives to attain higher search engine rankings via changes to a site and marketing practices to make the site and its content more visible in search engine appeal.

    Search engines employ web crawlers (i.e. Googlebot) that crawl websites searching for keywords, updated relevant content, and much more. To ensure your website is web-crawler friendly, the technical, design, content, and marketing aspects must be analyzed and addressed.

    The information contained in this confidential website SEO audit is intended to provide a comprehensive review of the existing website, and provide key recommendations to improve each area as defined. The process of optimizing one's website requires due care in managing the technical, design, content and marketing aspects, while also remaining vigilant in maintaining a flexible approach to continue to pursue a moving target - SEO.

    This review is the website analysis starting point from which recommendations and an implementation roadmap will be made. This review contains a SEO audit and detailed recommendations inclusive of technical, design, content, and marketing.

    Review our free Tips & Guides handout, Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Tips for Optimizing your Website to learn more about optimizing your website.