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    Edge Marketing, Inc. (2007 - today) employs an expert staff with more than 80 years of industry marketing and public relations experience. Edge Legal Marketing began after its predecessor, LegalVoice, Inc. (1997 - 2006), was dissolved by its founder. Amy Juers, LegalVoice's CEO, was poised to launch Edge Legal Marketing, carrying forward the LegalVoice staff and partners, continuing to deliver marketing and PR services to existing and new clients.

    Edge Legal Marketing has built their reputation for success by cultivating strong and flexible targeted marketing and PR programs for vendors and firms in the legal and market, yielding unmatched results.

    Edge Legal Marketing's expert team works with precision to ensure clients marketing and PR initiatives reach the targeted audience through strategic results-driven programs. Whether your company is focused on one specific audience or if you are considering multi-channel campaigns, we will help you reach industry decision-makers.

    We offer marketing and PR services, industry and tactical consultation, budget planning, marketing calendar development, market research, strategy development, and the execution of strategic media plans. We know that every practice area is distinct and requires a deft touch. We'll work with you to develop an effective strategic plan based on working within your established budget to achieve your company's overall goals.